Book a Barcelona taxi

Book a Barcelona taxi

At present it is easy to book a taxi in Barcelona, but the important thing is to do so through a company qualified to meet your expectations and work with the seriousness and punctuality required, especially on routes that whose goal is to connect with the main stations and airport or shipping terminals.

We offer you the option to request an officially licensed taxi in advance to pick you up at the time and place required. We have extensive coverage that not only includes the whole municipal area of Barcelona, but also a large number of the towns that make up its metropolitan area.

Whether you want to call a taxi in Barcelona or make your booking via internet, with Catalunya Taxi you can enjoy the greatest ease and security when covering your route. Our drivers have proven experience and are also able to communicate with you in English.

We make it easy for you to book a taxi in Barcelona

We also offer the option to provide made-to-measure services, by hours or long distances, if we are able. We have a series of private cars and even minibuses for larger groups, always managed with the same professionalism that characterizes our taxis on booking in Barcelona. We can give you a personalised budget for any specific job you ask of us.

If you are wondering how to get to Barcelona airport or other key points during your stay in the Catalonian capital, just place your trust in us and contact with our booking centre. Without a doubt, we will provide you with the fastest, most simple and comfortable way of travelling from anywhere to the airport facilities. This is one of our major specialities.


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