Call taxi Barcelona

Call taxi Barcelona

When you have to call to a taxi in Barcelona, it's worth having our number on hand, because we offer the chance to enjoy incomparable reliability. At Catalunya Taxi, we take our work very seriously because we understand the needs and urgencies of the people who ask for our services, including those who are in passing through the city and need to cover routes without complications to be where they have to at the exact time.

Whether you need transport to Barcelona airport, to the train station, to any strategic point or a specific place where you have to go, we will comply with the booking you make by telephone or via our website, which you can access as far in advance as you want want, to let us know the specific details of your booking with total convenience and precision. The professionals in charge of the many units that make up our fleet of vehicles - including yellow city taxis along with private cars and minibuses - have great driving skills and will be able to provide you with the attention you expect.

The safest option when calling a taxi in Barcelona

We pick up clients in each of the city's ten districts and also in most of the metropolitan area. The area we cover is just another of the benefits at your service within a Barcelona taxi service that strives to be the most beneficial for every client. We are governed by applicable regulations in setting our fares and you can be sure of the fare applicable to your route.

We look forward to your call at our Barcelona taxi phone booking centre. We will respond with the immediacy you want and offer you the service you expect so that everything goes smoothly and without setbacks.


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