Derechos Usuario


-Rights and Duties of the users of the taxis.

The client of the Taxi, besides the general character rights recognized by the legislation of consumer protection, has the right to:

1. Receive the service with basic conditions of equality, non-discrimination, quality, security and preference within the shift request.

2. Choose, at stops, the vehicle they want to receive the service in, unless there is a shift system established by organizational matters or fluidity of service.

3. Be served during the service delivery with the appropriate correction by the driver.

4. Expressed in any of the official languages.

5. Access to a clean car and a polished driver.

6. Be helped by the driver to get on and off the vehicle, in case of reduced mobility problems.

7. Get on and off the vehicle in places where security is guaranteed.

8. Transport a guide dog or other service dog for disable people for free.

9. Get to know the license number and current rates.

10. Be helped by the driver to load and unload the luggage from the trunk, if presents.

11. Choose the road it deems most appropriate.

12. Choose graduation sound volume and temperature inside.

13. Open and close the back windows and require the opening or closing of conditioning air or heating systems. You can get off the Taxi if your requirements are not accomplished.

14. Receive a receipt with all the information of the service: price, origin and destination of the ride, tax identification number of the holder’s license, license number, and vehicle’s enrolment. Also must prove that the fare has been cancelled.

15. Receive payment service change up to 20euros.

16. Present any claim regarding to the service.

Yellow Taxis

We have an extense fleet of vehicles. From 4 to 7 people or more.